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Water Systems

Perth has a few common issues with water. Often each suburb has it own unique water issues and similar water treatment systems can be used to filter out the bad, balance the acidity and alkines in water and improve wate taste. Over the years we have become familiar with all of Perth’s water problems such as:

  • Iron staining
  • Low water pressure
  • Metallic tasting water
  • Acidic water (Ph is off)
  • Dirty drinking water

Living Walls

Living walls are an amazing ways of filling tight areas with greenery. From succulents, to ferns and herbs and spices living walls are versatile and the can be monitored according to the seasons.

  • Vertical walls
  • Garden walls
  • Living Walls


Perth has an amazing climate that allows for so many unique landscapes for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

We have created beautiful native Australian landscapes and gardens with a greater range of species. One of our gardens has over 200 species in it!

  • Residential landscapes
  • Commercial landscape installations
  • Native Australian plants
  • Automated irrigation systems

Our Network

Over the years we have developed strong industry relationships gives us a great network to draw from. Within the Perth water and Landscaping industry we have amazing suppliers, partners associations, people and companies to work with and achieve together. You can read more about each of those in our network here.

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