Black water

What is Black water

Black water is the water from your toilet and kitchen sink. It must be diverted into the sewer, a septic system or an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). If you have access to a mains sewer you must use it, however in rural areas you have several options. If you are treating black water you do not separate out the grey water.

Septic systems

Septic systems consist of 2 holding and settling tanks with overflow into leach drains, they rely on natural occurring bacteria to break down waste and eventually fill up, emptying them is a very smelly process and they never quite work the same after. This is the cheapest way of dealing with black water. Some Councils, especially in the Hills, do not allow septic tanks. We do not deal with septic tanks.

What is a Aerobic Treatment Unit or ATU

ATU’s treat the black and grey water, also known as advanced secondary treatment, so it can be used for irrigation. Many of the regulations for advanced secondary water irrigation are similar as those for grey water with a few exceptions, for example lawns are not to be irrigated.

The ATU’s Earth & Water recommend and install are the Fuji clean waste water treatment systems.

There are two units Fuji clean manufacture, one for normal situations and one for sensitive areas where nutrients need to be removed from the water. The basics are the same for both units; the waste enters the unit into an Anerobic filtration chamber where organisms digest the waste. The second chamber does much the same, the water is then recycled back through both chambers. In the advanced system the water enters addition processes to remove Phosphorous and Nitrogen. The water is stored in a holding tank for irrigation through a subsurface network.

For more detail Download the Fuji clean flyers

For some basic information visit the Health dept 

ATU or septic system

Water is a scarce resource and by treating waste water and using it to irrigate gardens you are making the most of the water and in some cases a garden would not be practical without using that water. If you are not on scheme water using treated water is an efficient way of reducing the size of water tanks or reducing the need for pumped water from bores.
It is important to decide early on in the building process wether you want an ATU or septic system, it will make a difference on how your house is sited if you have limited space. Bring your site plan in and we can help you with irrigation areas and where to locate the ATU.

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