Black Water Process

The Process – Please see our charge rates for all parts of the process.

Step 1– Initial consultation

We will sit down with you and explain how the system works and outline the health department requirements. You can skip this step but we find it invaluable to clients who have not dealt with ATU’s before and it is an opportunity to have all your questions answered. We do need to charge for the time spent answering questions.

Step 2 – Design and Quote

We will do a detailed plan which is used to quote the job and helps the designer and builder know what they need to do.

Step 3 – Approvals

For a new house we will work with the builder and process the approval for you. Each Council varies and you can call their health department if you wish to find this information yourself.

Step 4 – Installation

We work with many builders and can install the system according to the builders schedule.
If it is a retro fit we can complete the whole installation.

Step 5 – Maintenance

The Health department require ATU’s be serviced every 3 months by an approved person, Earth & Water can carry out these services for you.


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