Budget Estimates

Giving someone an estimate for a job without knowing all the particulars is always tricky, which is why no one wants to do it. Each job is individual and each person has different expectations. These are budget estimates, to let you know how much you should put aside, I am being generous with the amounts so don’t compare them to a handy man who will do the job cheap for you. We will give you a proper quote when we have done a design. At earth and Water we use well trained, experienced installers who take pride in their work.


It is recommended you spend 10-20% of the cost or your house on landscaping. 

A small front garden can easily be $15K and a large corner block with verge and retaining can reach over $100 000. A budget of $5K for a whole garden landscape is unrealistic and unachievable. Many people say they have a budget of $60K and spend most of it on a pool, again this is unrealistic, you will end up with a stunning pool in the middle of a sand pit, allow another $60K to have a garden to match the pool.

Landscaping finishes a house, it makes it look cared for and has a huge impact on the street value, don’t leave it as an afterthought. As all good Architects know, when building a new home the landscaping needs to be an integrated part of the design process, if the landscape concept is completed before the house is built it ties everything together and ensures costly additions of power and water are not required.

Water Tank Supply and Installation Costs

Irrigation Supply and Installation Costs

Grey water & irrigation Supply and Installation Costs

Living garden walls

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