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No job is too big !!!Earth & Water Pty Ltd was founded in 2002 to supply and install irrigation and water treatment systems with a sustainable approach to the environment in relation to the management of soil and water. 

Hence, the name – Earth & Water.

Over the years design and installation of rain water and grey water systems was added to the companies profile coinciding with the increase in water restrictions.

Installing drip irrigation naturally led to installing turf which eventually evolved into installing landscaping elements.  Acknowledging the evolution of the company and the market a Landscape Designer was employed adding to the skill base within Earth & Water.

Another factor influencing the evolution of Earth & Water was the move from a warehouse in Welshpool to a shop front in Como. With impressive living garden walls on display the company went from a pick up point for tradespeople to assisting general customers with irrigation, grey water and water tank enquiries and sales.  Of course we still have an impressive range of water wise irrigation and other bits and pieces for tradespeople.

Building water supply resilience

Traditionally water has been a cheap and easily available resource in West Australia. But, climate patterns have changed in recent years and water is now considered a depleting resource that has created public demand for water saving systems and technology.

Earth & Water design and install systems to reduce the reliance on scheme water and make the most of the water you do use. Through the effective use of collected rain water, grey water reuse, irrigation and garden design we can make every drop count.

Earth & Water can provide all the sustainable options for rain water collection, grey water, black water and irrigation.


More than just another irrigation Installer, we offer detailed designs and itemised written quotes coupled with a dedicated Service Agreement to ensure your investment is protected. We maintain a high level of service and accountability.

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