Grey Water - The Process

Please see our charge rates for all parts of the process.

Grey Water - design

Step 1– Initial consultation

We will sit down with you and explain how the system works and let you know what is feasible in your situation. If it is an existing house we will come out and look at what is there, we just need the plans if it is a new house. You can skip this step but we find it invaluable to clients who have not dealt with grey water before and it is an opportunity to have all your questions answered. We do need to charge for the time spent answering questions.

Step 2 – Design and Quote

We will do a detailed plan which is used to quote the job.

Step 3 – Approvals

We will fill in the appropriate forms, which may need your signature, and send them to council with the appropriate fee. Each Council varies and you can call their Health department if you wish to find this information yourself.

Step 4 – InstallationGrey Water - Whole of House Connection

We work with many builders and how much we do will depend on the builder, in many cases we will work directly with the builder in others we will install the system after handover of the house.  We will provide the builder all the information he needs so we can easily slip the grey water system in without any fuss.

If it is a retro fit we can complete the whole installation.

Step 5 – Handover

We will show you how to use the system and clean the filters.

Step 6 - Final Approval

The Health officer from your local council will come out and issue an approval to use; we can organize this for you.

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