The Process

Please see our charge rates for all parts of the process.

Laying drip line

Step 1– Initial consultation

We will come out to site and give you an idea of what we can do, we need to know where garden beds, lawn and paths will be as well as where you want the controller.

Step 2 – Design and Quote

We will do a detailed plan as a basis for the quote.

Step 3 – Installation

The system installed as quoted.

Step 5 – Handover

We will show you how to use the system; advise on how to service the critical components such as filters, air vacuum release valves and the flush valves and program the controller for you.

Step 6 – After Sales Service

Earth & Water offer a winter service to ensure your system maintains maximum efficiency. We check for leaks, flush the system, check your controller and address any issues you may be having. 

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