Roof gardenRoof Gardens

Roof gardens can extend your living area or provide public open space on a tight site; whether over a residential garage or public building we can help you with design, materials and experienced installers.

Extensive Roof Gardens

An extensive roof garden is one with a shallow growing medium with low growing plants over a large area. An extensive system can be installed with minimal extra support structures. Plants are selected for their hardiness and shallow root systems.

Intensive roof gardens

An intensive roof garden is deeper and can contain small trees and larger plants. Roofs must be engineered to support the weight of the growing medium, mature plants and water – similar to a small car.

Often roof gardens are a mixture of Extensive, Intensive and paved areas for access. 


Roof Garden

What makes up a roof garden

The basic elements are a water proof membrane, drainage cell, geotextile fabric and light weight growing media.  The images show cut out of both Intensive and extensive systems.

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