Water Treatment

Water treatment is usually a small part of a larger system, refer to the appropriate section Water tanks, grey water and black water.

Bore staining

Bore stained filterBore stains can be caused by 2 things

  1. Mineral Iron - An ochre discolouration left on paving, walls and even plants. Mineral iron can clog irrigation systems such as sprinkler nozzles and drip emitters. Mineral Iron is treated in many ways !  From cheaper systems such as inline water conditioners and filters costing from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000; to large scale treatment tanks and chlorination systems starting at $ 8,000. These are not usually installed in domestic situations.
  2. Iron Bacteria waste - The organic ochre coloured filament waste of Iron bacteria living in the aquifer. This is seldom treated as it is hard to treat and is harmless to humans. Again the Iron Bacteria will clog irrigation systems and is hard to clear. Disinfection of the aquifer is about the only remedy; but, is unreliable and costly.

Iron staining is unsightly but harmless, although heavy staining on plants can reduce photosynthesis and hence vigour.

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