Iron Staining

Easily Fixed

Perth is plagued with high levels of iron that is brought up through bores without filteration and stains surfaces.

Earth & Water is able to remove iron from your system and from surfaces.

4 Easy Steps Process

1. Site Consultation – $190

Earth & Water will visit your location and determine the size and causes. 

Perth Metro only.

2. Specifications & Quote

Based on our site consult we will design a solution and quote. 

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3. Installation & Clean up

We will fix the iron staining as specified in the quote and clean existing stains. 

4. Maintenance

We offer maintenance for what your system specifically needs so you have the option not to do it yourself.

What is Iron Stain?

It is the residue of minerals, mainly Calcium, Iron and Manganese in the bore water that oxidise as they are sprinkled on your driveway or walls. The main ingredient is Calcium, but the Iron discolours it to a reddish stain.

These stains can be removed using one of our stain removal acidic detergents we use. We use the appropriate stain removal product for your particular stain.

But it is better to treat and possibly filter the bore water before cleaning off the stains.


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