How every Perth verge should be

Nov 26, 2018

Native, Beautiful and Beautiful

This Floreat home created by Humphrey Homes is an Earth & Water favourite. The sophisticated, unassuming design provides a feeling of homeliness and privacy. Our part in this project was the verge and street-side gardens.

The verge has subsurface irrigation that delivers exactly the right amount of water at all times of the year no matter what. This is because of 2 reasons. 

1. The automation system changes to the seasons
2. The plants are natives.

The irrigation system efficiently delivers water at times that reduce evaporation and sustain plants when they are need that extra top up. Because the system is so efficient, the verge – per square metre actually uses much less water than other verges!

Native plants use minimal water and are the easiest to maintain in Perth. Hands down. (Hands up if you want this!) Because native plants have adapted for the WA climate – much of the water they receive through irrigation is a bonus. That is how they thrive and grow fast. 

When native plants occur in bush it is random. But here you can see how a great range of species can be used in a small area. This is great because we have purposefully designed the garden to for privacy using larger screening bushes/trees and natives like Kangaroo Paws for infill and looks.

We love this garden because many of the plants grew from tiny sapling and seedlings into what it is now.  It is extremely cheap to run and thrives in the WA sun.


It is definitely worth researching and looking for inspiration. Contact us for expertise and visit Kings Park for inspiration.

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