Bore Water Treatment

Self Diagnosis

Perth has the same predictable bore water quality issues.

Use these questions to self-diagnose your bore water problem.


  1. Does your water taste salty or metallic?
  2. Do you struggle to keep your gardens and lawns healthy and vibrant?
  3. Do you have stains where your water sprays or leaks?
Joondalup Primary School Iron stain removal and bore water treatment project aerial

Bore Water

If you answered yes to any of  the three questions above, then it is highly likely your bore water is untreated and has raw minerals in elevated concentrations.

Perth has two common bore water quality problems: salinity and iron staining.

You can solve your bore water quality problems with different types of bore water treatment systems. Earth & Water provides residential and commercial water treatment solutions tailored to your bore water mineral profile and your water’s end use.

Mt Pleasant Comparison bore water treatment results

Potable Water - Whole of House

Bore water is a great long term alternative to Water Corporations Scheme water.

Earth & Water designs and installs bore water treamtent solutions that produce healthy bore water with minerals at potable levels.


  • Whole of house water treatment
  • UV Treatment
  • Filtration & Ionisation


Water salinity in perth

Salinity - A Common Problem of the Swan Coastal Plain

Salt slowly kills plants by stopping them from absorbing nutrients and minerals. Salt encrusts leaves and infiltrates their root systems from below.

By making a few small changes you can completely change you water and soil chemistry resulting in healthy gardens and lawns.


  • Water Conditioning & Ionisation
  • Fertigation
Iron stain removal in Perth

Iron Staining - Raw, Untreated Bore Water

Hot spot suburbs across Perth have elevated levels of iron and calcium in their raw, untreated bore water. Together these minerals stain driveways, buildings and even vehicles.

Services & solutions:

  • Stain removal
  • Iron bore water treatment system
  • Subsurface drip irrigation installation

Common Contaminants

Across Perth there are hotspot for naturally occuring water contaminants. Most are easily diagnosed;

Orange stained walls indicate too much iron.

Blue and green staining indicates copper.

Dying or wilting plants that are watered often indicate too much soil salinity.

Salty Water Treatment

If left untreated, plants wilt and die as salt builds up on their leaves and in their roots. A crust will form that stops plants absorbing nutrients that they need to grow and stay healthy.

Salt water is easily treatable as the problem only comes from two places. The ocean and river or from ground water. Unfortunately this is another of Perth’s common water issues that arises from being a coastal city.

We have fixed the problem of high salinity concentrations across Perth at many high profile coastal homes, schools and public areas.

Click through to o see our salt water solutions.

Perth’s Underground Water Source 

Perth’s has three water aquifers. The Leederville and Yarragadee are not for residential bore use. These shallow, unconfined aquifers are the body of water that many homes bores are tapped into. The quality and quantity of the unconfined aquifer is variable; for example borewater in Mt Claremont has high levels of calcium and iron, borewater near the Swan River in Applecross is quite salty; while areas like Kensington has crystal clear borewater that you can easily use for drinking water (Potable Water).

Water Corporation maintains the mass provision of water across Perth under its Integrated Water Supply Scheme (IWSS) Under this scheme water is taken from underground aquafiers, desalination plants and reservoirs, it is then treated with ultra violent light, filtration systems and mixed with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.

Water Corporation treatment systems for your Scheme Water removes the bad impurities in the water AND the good nutrients.

Borewater enables residents to reduce their water bill if they use it for garden irrigation and control the nutrients in the water if consumed at home. 

Iron Staining

Salty Water

Bore installations

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