We are looking to install a bore but are concerned about iron staining. Some of our neighbours have bores and the majority of them have iron staining.

Does the system you provide remove all iron and impurities and create clean water or does it generally depend on how bad the water is and there could still be staining? 

As we don’t yet have a bore is there any way to actually test the water?

James & Serena

City of Stirling

We think this is an excellent set of questions. It highlights all the issues that arise when dealing with iron staining in Perth. 

The simple answer is this, yes you can remove all iron and impurities and there is a way to test the water.

If all your neighbours have iron staining and you can see it through your neighbourhood, then your bore will definitely have the same issue.  It is possible to remove all iron and impurities from your bore but we don’t recommend that. The Department of Water doesn’t recommend that you do that. They set the regulations that determines what your water can be used for based on its water profile. 

There are areas of Perth that are hot spots for iron where it is worse than others, you can use the Perth Ground Water Atlas to gauge how deep your bore will be and your risk of iron staining.

You will be tapping into the same unconfined aquifer as your neighbours. If possible we can use a water sample from the nearest accessible bore such as your direct neighbour as a proxy for your own bore water. The next image shows on a basic level how bores use the same groundwater when they are close together.

The Water Corporation website has an excellent picture that shows the aquifiers along the Swan Coastal Plain. See it here. 

An unconfined underground aquifer

We have installed hundreds of water treatment systems across Perth which means we are familiar with each suburbs water problems.

For this customer in the City of Stirling, we know it is prone is medium to high levels of iron and calcium in its ground water. As a result we have installed bore water treatment systems on residential blocks that use sand filters, oxidisation chambers and water conditioners to make the water safe to drink (potable).

In this case a mid level water treatment system will remove iron and impurities back to a safe level.

This keeps your property from turning orange and makes it drinkable again. 


A medium sized residential iron treatment system for medium to high levels of iron will cost approximately $5,000.

This is start to finish and eradicates iron staining as a wate problem. We work with bore hole drillers across Perth to ensure customers never get these issues to start with. This is important because allowing iron staining to build up is a damaging and costly mistake.

Iron removal can cost between $2,000 and $15,000 so it is best to send us an email with a breif outline of your location and problem so we can accurately give you a quote.

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