Precision Irrigation

Drippers are small, flexible and used to water plants that are in hard to get places where sprinklers and dripline aren’t suitable.

They are the perfect irrigation method for plants inside home and garden wall modules of any size.

  • Indiviuallly waters plants
  • Delivered directly into root systems
  • Efficient & waterwise
  • Hidden out of site
Drippers feeding Sabina's Living walls
Water Controllers automate irrgition of garden beds and lawns on this Booragoon Property

Living Vertical Walls

There are inherent obstacles to using sprinklers and subsurface drip irrigation with vertical walls. Both methods are very ineffective and not much water ends up in plant roots.

Drippers are the most efficient method where there are secured behind the wall mounted modules. The drippers are then inserted into the wall modules where they irrigate directly into the low profile soil containers inside.

See our portfolio for vertical living walls of all sizes that are irrigated using drippers.

A Hunter Industries Water Controller installed in Como

Individual Pots and Plants

Courtyards and large individual pots and plants can use drippers because they enable a greater flexilibity of movement. Where owners move plants often the single line of drippers means owners can move the dripper with the pot.

This is a popular option for hanging indoor plants because a dripper system is thinner than alternative pvc pipes that supply larger areas such as lawns. 


Our Services

Drippers are low maintenance, low profile and reliably deliver water to hard to reach places.

Our services include:


  • Consultancy
  • Design & Installation
  • Water Controller Management

Iron Staining

Salty Water

Bore Water Treatment

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