San Pellegrino vs Bore water

Water is not just water.

The water we consume on a daily basis contains far more than just two hydrogen atoms binded to an oxygen atom.  Even if it was just that it wouldn’t be very healthy. 

San Pellegrino is a famous brand of water, it is expensive and a luxury item. But why?

It is expensive because it comes from a very specific region in Italy. Like Champagne which can only be called champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in France, San Pellegrino’s water comes from the San Pellegrino Terme area.

Along it journey from  Dolomite Mountains it picks up minerals which give it extra health benefits and the taste of mineral water.

Read more about San Pellegrino on their website, it has some interesting information!

Water Profile

San Pellegrino water has a very specific quantity of naturally occuring minerals that make up its water profile.

Look at the minerals present in their 2019 Water Analysis Profile, there are many recognisable minerals you wouldn’t expect to see in water.

But in the right quantities, these minerals are healthy.

Pellegrino Water profile

Creation by Elimination

Water brought up from Perth’s underground aquifiers also contain similar minerals and impurities. By using bores that bring up this nutrient rich ground water we are able to create our own water.

San Pellegrino captures the naturally enriched water and filters the minerals to levels that are safe and healthy to drink. The exact same process applies to bore water.

Our water treatment rebalances water and conditions it until it is mineral rich and still safe.

The water technicians at the foothills of the Italian Alps are experts when it comes to understanding water in their area and the common problems there.

In Perth we are the experts and are familiar with all the common water issues.

These are the common problems we treat Perth’s water for:

  1. Iron
  2. Copper
  3. Acidity
  4. Sodium
  5. Manganese
Bore Wate Analysis Perth

Bore Water Analysis

We complete a bore water analysis report before we design a system because each area and home bore will have a unique water profile. 

We test the water profile before and after treating it. You can visually see the difference in some cases like the comparison below.


Mt Pleasant Comparison bore water treatment results

Before & After

The sample to the left has an brown tinge that is typical of high concentrations of iron. The sample on the right is from the same sam bore but it has been treated and the minerals have been rebalanced to safe and healthy levels.

Health benefits 

The water supplied by Water Corporation has also been treated so it is safe to consume. Water Corp source water from groundwater, desalination and dams so there is much to remove from the water. They actually have a very nifty tool that tells you where you water comes from, it is right here.

Unfortately in the proces of filtering out the bad minerals and impurities, much of the good are also taken out. 

You may notice the difference in water taste and presence of chlorine and fluoride. These two minerals are increased in concentration to maintain safe levels throughout the massive water delivery system.

Bore water achieves the sam safe levels but retains the healthy minerals at concentrations that are safe. In many ways bore water is Perth’s mineral water! 


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