Iron Staining

Easily Fixed

Perth is plagued with high levels of iron that is brought up through bores without filteration resulting in stained surfaces.

Solutions to Iron Staining

– Stain removal (short term solution)
– Bore water treatment
– Sub-surface irrigation

Mt Pleasant Iron Staining verge Before


Perth’s typical residential iron treatment system costs between $5,500 and $6,500 fully installed. 

Separate and capture iron and other minerals before they become a staining issue.

Joondalup Primary School Aerial View 1


Larger iron bore water treatments systems can accomodate greater flow rates allowing for efficient iron treatment and dispersal to huge areas. 

Commercial clients include schools, sports facilities, agribusinesses and public open spaces.

What is Iron Stain?

Iron stain actually has more then just iron in it. There is also calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, manganese and other minerals that play a part in the staining process.

The red to deep orange colour occurs when the iron meets oxygen and begins the oxidisation process.

Calcium is one of the binding agents the increases the speed of iron accumulation. When calcium levels are high the stain accumulates quickly and is harder to remove.

Manganese is less common but also adds to the iron stain by giving a darker, black colouration. Semi-rural suburbs like Oakford and Parmelia have higher concentrations of manganese.

Why do I have iron staining

You are probably in an iron hot spot. These are areas across Perth that have high concentrations of iron in the ground water. The iron is more prevalent close to the Swan River and where you are have a higher water table.  

You will recognise these hot spots as suburbs with many stained properties. The tinge is a symptom of the bigger problem and is an obvious sign prior to more precise water analysis. 

These suburbs and their surrondings sit on iron hot spots:

  • Applecross
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Alfred Cove
  • South Perth
  • Como
  • City Beach
  • Floreat
  • Mt Claremont

4 Easy Steps Process

Perth Museum's irrigation team

1. Water Analysis & Site Consult

All bore water mineral profiles are slightly different as if how clients use their water.

We require laboratory analysis of bore water and a site consult in order design a system that fits in with the existing water infrastructure and  site layout.


Hovea Irrigation Schematics

2. Design & Quote

Our design is based on site parameters, local government legislation and client needs.

Joondalup Primary School Iron stain removal and bore water treatment project wall stain removal

3. Installation & Clean up

Once approved we will coordinate installation with the client and other necesary trades.

Iron stain removal must be done after installation or the stain will quickly return.

Joondalup Primary Bore Water Treatment

4. Maintenance

Iron bore water treatment systems do requirement maintenance every 4 – 6 weeks to replenish chlorine and expel captured iron from sand filter/s.

Home owners can carry out maintenance themselves or opt for Earth & Water to do routine services as normal with commercial facilities.

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