Our services cover the entire process from consultancy, design, installation and maintenance of all types of irrigation. These are your common water delivery systems:

  • Sub-surface dripline
  • Sprinklers
  • Water controllers
  • Drippers

In addition to these systems our services extend to specialist projects and to rural locations. See our portfolio for these specialist sites.

Subsurface drip irrigation North Fremantle

What are you interested in?

Each project is slightly different and we always work with clients, landscaper architectures and designs to ensure the right irrigation is installed. Our criteria for the right irrigation system is determined by efficiency, automation and cost. Often a design in its simplest form fits this criteria.

Drip Irrigation in North Fremantle

1. Sub-surface drip

The most water-wise irrigation system that we design and install for residential projects. By placing the drip below the soil, water is delivered directly to root systems where it is absorbs quickly. 

Subsurface drip irrigation enables a fertigation system to periodically distribute the required extra nutrients and minerals in the same efficient manner as water. 

We utilise water controllers as part of our irrigation systems to notify owners and us of clogs and leaks as well as automate watering systems to account for seasonality and ease of use.

2. Sprinklers

Where it is not suitable for subsurface irrigation we recommend sprinklers. This is influenced by site parameters such as the size of area being water and the type plants in the vicinity. 

For exampe there are some species of grass that grow better with sprinklers as the delivery method compared to drip. 

For this reason we work closely with home owners, landscape designers and architects to ensure the irrigation system is suitable for the final garden and lawns. 

3. Water Controllers

In our quest to optimise efficiency, costs and automation, water controllers are a nessecity in all irrigation systems. The embedded technology in these devices gives better control over water consumption and delivery methods.

They provide solutions to projects with unique site parameters such as low water pressure and adjusting to extreme wind/rain conditions.

Because they are customisable we set up systems and provide remote management of controllers to adjust for seasonality and changes in water demand by plants.

4. Drippers

These are used almost exclusively to irrigate individual pot plants around homes and on vertical living walls.

 They provide a very precise and efficient watering method that is best used in small gardens and courtyards.  

Vertical living walls can’t have sprinklers because the water simply go every where but the roots and sub-surface isn’t viable in the vertical wall modules. Drippers allow water to move straight to the root system and drain through giving each plant the required water.

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