Concerto Apartments

WALDA 2019 Award Winner

WA Landscape Design Association

WALDA 2019 Award Winner

We were proud to win Silver in the Rooftop/Vertical/Balcony Category of the WA Landscape Design Awards in 2019.

Whilst Earth & Water is not a landscaping company, we design and install premium vertical living walls for residential and commercial projects.

Project Scope

Upon completion this was a landmark development for Perth’s CBD. The Concerto Apartments by Finbar were the tallest residential building in the CBD and our vertical living walls were the largest installation of its kind in Western Australia.

Our expertise with vertical living walls enabled us to support the Landscape Architects, EPCAD, in creating their vision of green space at Concerto.

The Perth CBD is a dense, urban enviroment and in many cases it is not possible to include deep soil gardens. Vertical living walls is the solution that allows developments to meet planning objectives related to green space, tree canopies and deep soil areas.

Concerto Apartments Vertical Living Wall

Plant Palette

Our design goal was to soften the spaces with a plant palette tending towards leafy green foliage and depth of textures. However the site is spread out and exposed to varying localised weather conditions.

Buildings cast irregular shadows and create windy areas, both are issues that influence our plant palette.

There are 4 zones across the ground floor each with a customised watering schedule and plant palette to adapt to the site parameters.

Concerto Apartments Vertical Living Wall

Smart Water

  • 258 Elmich living wall modules
  • 4,128 plants
  • 4 separate zones

A Hunter Industries Hydrawise Smart Controller maximises water-efficiences by adjusting for seasonal weather conditions and customisable zones.

Each zone has its own water schedule for the plant palettes’ water requirements and exposure to the elements.

Remote control and monitoring is embedded into the system and a large aspect of maintaining the living walls after installation.

Concerto Perth Apartments before and after Living Walls

Long term maintenance

The Hydrawise Controller allows Earth & Water to monitor and change water schedules throughout the year. 

Sensors are embedded into the irrigation system and notify us when issues arise. 

Because the site is not in a public, high foot traffic location there is very little that goes wrong. 

However in the case that there is a leak, blockage or excess water, we are able to react swiftly.

There is no need to wait for plants to die or puddles to form because the sensors relay live data about the system.

Concerto Apartments Vertical Living Walls
Concerto Apartments Vertical Living Walls Before and After
Concerto Perth Apartments before and after Living Walls

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