Iron Stain Removal & Prevention

About this Project

There are reasons why this home had an iron stain problem. This project is classic of a residential bore water treatment system and stain removal project. We have outlined our process to managing it below.

1. Location

Connolly is a small suburb right next to Joondalup and both are prone to iron staining because there is exceptionally high concentrations of iron and calcium in their groundwater.

2. Untreated Bore Water

This home was using untreated bore water which has many minerals and nutrients in it. Without filtering, these minerals directly impact plant/lawn health and will visibly damage property.

3. Sprinklers not drip

Their raw, untreated bore water was distributed by inaccurate and inefficient sprinklers across their gardens and lawns. In the process the overspray was allowing the iron to calcify on to surfaces like paving, walls and garden decor.

While you can’t change your location, you can filter your bore water and you can improve your irrigation.

Joondalup Iron stain removal and bore water treatment Letter box

1. Bore water Treatment

You always install your bore water treatment system before you complete stain removal.

Especially in suburbs are high risk and iron stain accumulates seemingly over night. We have identified some iron hot spot suburbs as:

  • Connolly
  • Joondalup
  • Innaloo
  • Mt Claremont
  • Shenton
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Shelley

Because all homes are designed differently, we have a flexible installation process that allows us to arrange your iron treatment system where it can’t be seen and doesn’t impact your use of the home.

In this installation the owner only had space for a single sand filter. We paired it with a chlorine dosing unit and a subsurface aeration chamber.

Across all bore water treatment systems designed to treat iron, the components are the same. It is the flow rate and concentrations that varies and impacts our design.

We complete bore water analysis before and after every installation to measure our success. 

In each case the goal to reduce the iron content to 0.05 milligrams per litre – which equivalent to potable levels. 

2. Stain Removal

Iron staining is the visible orange to brown tinge that can be seen on porous surfaces like bricks. You may have noticed that it often follows the arc of sprinklers.

It is promptly removed by applying an acid based solution and rinsing off with fresh water.

Because it is acid based, it becomes non-toxic very easily and quickly as it dilutes and the pH. increases back to normal levels.

The owner likes his sprinklers and there was no point installing drip line based on the layout and size of the areas to be watered.

We can easily remove iron stain but by keeping with sprinklers it would have returned quickly. This is why the bore water treatment system was important to install first. 

A dual approach to prevention and removal is always the best method.


Joondalup Iron stain removal and bore water treatment Letter box
Dalkeith irrigation installation and water treatment precision

Alternative Solutions

In some cases it is okay to leave the bore water untreated and simply redesign the irrigation and sprinklers like we did at this home in Dalkeith.

Their black fence was at risk being stained white by calcium and magnesium. The solution was replace sprinklers near the fence with subsurface irrigation. This reduces overspray.

A water conditioner was also installed to changed the ionic structure of the bore water. All the minerals still remain in the bore water but do not accumulate and run off surfaces instead.

Read about this project here.

Joondalup Iron Stain from bore water
Temporary Sprinklers in North Fremantle
Lawn Revitalisation in North Fremantle
Joondalup Iron Stained Drive way After
Joondalup Iron Stained paved driveway

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