Southern Stars Holidays Park

May 11, 2020

Southern Stars Holiday Park,


Earth & Water had the pleasure of helping create this brand new caravan park in the South-West. This project has capacity for 100 caravan lots, large family-sized ablutions, natural playgrounds and a young citrus orchard. 

Earth & Water’s role in this project was to create the citrus orchard where caravan lots are – so in time people will be able to enjoy the citrus trees from their lots! 

You can see in the video below how Earth & Water laid subsurface irrigation over the large area. With that machine we are able to efficiently cover big areas like orchards, sports ovals and parks. 

This project is over 15,000 square metres using 15 kilometres of dripline (HUGE) and 7 separate zones. 

Water Consumption is a large factor in designing water systems in large formats. Incremental water consumption reductions equates to huge savings in water and money. 

Subsurface drip irrigation uses far less water than sprinklers because it is accurately delivered to plants with almost zero evaporation. Sprinklers are costly in water consumption so while it is an extensive network of drip line to install the long term cost is less.  

There are 7 zones which enable Earth & Water to isolate leaks, flush out blockages and test water pressure. This is a design feature that reduces recovery time when fixing issues but also enables Earth & Water to accurately deliver water throughout the site. Some zones and trees need less water, which is coded into the controller. 

Earth & Water uses Hunter Industries water controllers because they are reliable and most importantly, accessible via wifi remotely. 

With projects such as this, where the location is rural and far away it is cheaper and faster to access system data via mobile app. All this data can be seen remotely, changes for seasonality can be made and if there are issues with the water system, appropriate changes can be made to mitigate further loss. 

Earth & Water understands the commercial and industrial water systems must be efficient and reliable because they effect time and money. 

 For more information on large scale water systems in Perth, call our Director: Nigel on 0427 980 971.


South Stars Holiday Park
website: https://southernstarspark.com.au/
Phone: 08 9755 1331
Email: stay@southernstarspark.com.au

Hunter Industries
website: https://www.hunterindustries.com/

Paula Fairbank
Paula Fairbank
01:20 20 Sep 19
Earth & Water recently landscaped around our pool. We were genuinely thrilled with the result! Nigel and all of his team were extremely professional throughout the whole process and had great ideas on how we could improve on our initial vision. All works we’re well explained and communicated. We love it!
Rina Lewis
Rina Lewis
02:10 28 Jun 19
From the first phone call, Nigel and his team have been very professional and very helpful. Nigel takes care to explain everything very clearly. I could see that my garden was struggling to survive but I didn't know why. Nigel suspected high salt levels in the bore water and a high soil PH. This was later confirmed by a Laboratory test. I agreed to Nigel's recommendation to install his Fertigation and Water Conditioning system. The whole process was completed without a hitch and within a month my garden started showing signs of recovery. What I also love is that I can apply fertiliser direct through this system, saving me the time spent spreading fertiliser. The Fertigation system means I'm no longer loosing sleep over my garden and to me that's money well spent.
Phil Jack
Phil Jack
05:12 09 Mar 19
Nigel at Earth and Water has designed and installed the landscaping and retic systems for our current and previous homes. When re-financing the valuers have commented that the landscaping has added considerable value to the home, we just think it looks great.The retic is something special as it allows us to fertilise by putting it in a bucket and opening a couple of valves to allow it to be distributed through the system. Much easier.We have no hesitation in recommending Earth and Water.
Samuel Hyde
Samuel Hyde
07:42 03 Jan 19
Incredible.By far the most professional contractor we engaged over the 3 years of building our house.I am confident that there would be no one better at Landscaping in Perth.Nigel took a difficult job with lots of criteria to satisfy and delivered it well above the standard we thought was possible.We had engaged other well known Landscapers who just had no answers to the issues we had.Nigel and the guys at Earth & Water blow all the competition out of the water.
Tim Bariss
Tim Bariss
23:41 04 Dec 18
Nigel and his team did a fantastic job for us and our front gardens with raised veggie beds are constantly admired by our neighbors.Fixed and identified problems that others had told us were lost causes (no need for a new bore and our lawn is looking great, we thought we'd have to start again).Great advice, quality work and the guys doing the work are all awesome.Highly recommended....
Dinusha S
Dinusha S
12:41 04 Feb 18
We love our new lawn and garden beds! Earth and Water were great to work with and very accommodating in helping us setup a low maintenance yard with lots of room to grow over time =)
Olga Ward
Olga Ward
02:09 16 Feb 15
Earth and Water were recommended to us when building our home. They have been involved in designing all of our irrigation, rainwater tanks, greywater system and now some green walls as well. We've found them to be friendly, efficient and very persistent when something brand new [and there's a lot with our home that was pretty new technology when it was installed] doesn't work properly. We're very happy with the way the system is designed and how well it all works. And the ability to translate a concept to a practical design has been amazing! thanks to all of you.
Russell Ward
Russell Ward
13:16 11 Feb 15
We have had a great experience with using Earth and Water for our gardens. After 4 attempts with other companies we had almost given up hope of creating the right garden for our home. After our experience with the creation of our vertical garden by Earth and Water (an awesome feature of our new internal courtyard) we asked Nigel to consider what he would do with the sloping front yard. It turned out fantastically and really complements the front of our house (we are talking about re-levelling, walls, plants, fence and reticulation – the lot). Our relationship continued to the large backyard and at last we have a backyard we enjoy being in – fun and practical. We have really enjoyed the creative process, have been very well treated and highly recommend Earth and Water to our friends!
12:28 11 Feb 15
We value our reputation at Virgin Bores just as much as Nigel does at Earth and Water..... No hesitation in recommending our clients to Nigel for specialist attention from a true professional in irrigation and water management. Had plenty of customers thank us over the years for the referral. Nigel's expertise in sub surface and drip irrigation are recognised industry wide. Important though with sub surface irrigation that service and maintenance recommendations are adhered to. Just ask Nigel for advice.
geoff mclaughlin
geoff mclaughlin
10:02 11 Feb 15
Earth and Water were contacted to help develop a landscape design when we redeveloped our dental practice on Canning Highway in 2008.We were struggling to create a design that would work adjacent our rear car park which had a sloping block. We also wanted to create an appealing frontage for our business.I met with the owner of Earth and Water, Nigel Thompson to discuss our landscaping and reticulation needs.Nigel is a genius with a natural eye for design and creative ideas and thanks to him we were able to create a beautiful garden that is commented on consistently. Nigel was able to share his passion and due to his tireless enthusiasm we were completely satisfied with the results.As the owner of Earth and Water he has always given us his complete attention and over the last years whenever there has been issues with maintenance Nigel and his team at Earth and Water are always there for us to keep our garden blooming.Always highly recommended.
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