Perth's Salty Soil

Quick Self-Diagnosis

  1. Does your water taste salty?
  2. Are your plants wilted or dying?
  3. Is there salt crusting on your property?

If you said YES to any of those, then it is likely you have a high concentration of water salinity. 

Why is it salty?

Perth lies on the Swan Coastal Plain and as a result it receives more than its fair share of salt water from the ocean. 

There are TWO reasons why you have high levels of water salinity. 


1. You live near the ocean

Plants are sensitive to air moisture and will wilt and die when exposed coastal air that carries higher levels of salt. The concentration of salt in air moisture is deceivingly high such that homes use marine grade materials so they last longer. 


2. Your bore is close to the Swan River or a underground deposit of salt. 

Bore water is sucked up from the ground and brings many nutrients up with it. For suburbs close to the Swan River, it is more likely your bore will have higher levels of salt as the salt infiltrates the localised ground water. 

 In both cases there are water treatment systems we design, install and maintain to keep salt levels where they should be. 

A Creative Solution

We had a unique job in Cottesloe where a house was receiving too much salt from the ocean in air moisture. This was causing the gardens to die and the lawn to flounder.

By installing sprinklers strategically, the plants now have “showers” to rinse off salt and enabling healthy growth.


Salt Concentration & Classification

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation determine the levels of salt concentration that is used in Perth. They govern how water can be used and this classification is what we use in our water analysis to acheive the desired level of salinity.

Whilst most of our salt treatment systems are residential, the same technical application is useful for rural and commmercial properties.

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