Water Treatment

Your water is one of the lifeline resources into your house. The others are electricity and in this modern age, your internet.  Because of this we ensure every system is of exceptional quality and meets functional requirements.

For example, across Perth we encounter issues such as iron staining and low pressure. These issues look bad, hurt your garden, tastes awful and is annoying.

These are common issues that we fix throughout the WA metro area.

Commercially we have installation in office buildings, caravan parks, reserves, warehouses and processing plants.

Follow this link for more information on your water system. 


Living Walls

Offices, apartments, cafes and restaurants, homes and in public space. Our living wall installations are across Perth and it is highly likely you have already seen them without knowing they are ours! 

With technology and the right plants you can create impressive vertical walls of greenery that are unique and memorable. 

Succulents look great and are low maintenance. Ferns are a level of green usually only seen in rainforest and look amazing with good lighting. Natives are water-wise and hardy. We’ve done all of these in mixes across Perth. 

You can find many of our previous living wall installations on instagram. Click to see our instagram.


From sprinklers to subsurface drip irrigation we are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of systems of all sizes and types. 

Our clients include:

  • Property owners
  • Rental property managers
  • Commercial businesses
  • Government bodies


Labour Rates

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