Pressure Booster

Water Pressure

Is a common water problem across Perth for people with bore and scheme water. There are some suburbs that are more prone to it than others, such as Cottesloe, Mosman Park and Mt Lawley.

Water pressure is often a challenging and costly problem that is influenced by these factors:

  • Number of residents (internal consumption)
  • Watering area (sqm)
  • Irrigation controller setting and zoning/stations

In most cases the most suitable option is changing watering schedules and zoning so they do not coincide with internal consumption times.

For example a family home will have high internal water consumption before and after work/school hours. Therefore external consumption; ie irrigation is set outside of these times. However sometimes it is not enough to simply change watering schedules and a pressure boosting system is necessary. 

By installing a new pump to legal requirements, this becomes a whole property water pressure solution.

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