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We work with strata and property managers to maintain the irrigation of hundreds of homes across Perth. Since 2002 we have designed, installed and maintained irrigation systems in nearly every suburb.

From simple repairs of snapped sprinkler heads and broken drip line to resetting complex water controllers, irrigation is our forte.

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Plant & Soil Decisions
Cottesloe subsurface drip irrigation repair

Low Value Maintenance (LVM's)

Anything under $1,000 is a low value maintenance. These small, irregular irrigation issues include:

  • Repair of damaged sprinklers and drip line
  • Resetting faulty water controllers
  • Routine irrigation system servicing
Wembley Irrigation planned servicing

High Priority Maintenance (HPM's)

Accidents happen and somethings require urgent attention.  Often occuring when there is construction nearby or unplanned landscaping. These include:

  • Stopping leaks and breakages from further damage and wastage.
  • Critical parts repair and replacement such as pumps and controllers.
Irrigation repair in an apartment strata

Planned Major Works

Some projects require the coordination and planning of multiple owners, tenants and trades. Generally larger and common in shared spaces these include:

  • Community gardens
  • Shared irrigation systems
  • Bore water treatment

Schedule Of Rates

Only skilled irrigation technician’s are booked into irrigation work orders because they can quickly troubleshoot problems and make the necessary repairs to high quality standard in a timely fashion.

Pair this pricing schedule with the examples below.

$99 Call out fee
$99 Level 3 Skilled irrigation technician hourly rate
$x Replacement parts – per job basis

Only one call out fee is applied per work order including return visits related to the initial work order up to value of $1,500.

Default Value Cap: $400

We apply  a value cap of $400 to all Residential Rental Work Orders to reduce bill shock. If the job is only slightly higher than the value cap, then technician will call when on site to get approval from the property manager.

Larger works beyond this will be quoted on for approval prior to commencement.

Rental Work Order LVM 1

Leederville - LVM Irrigation Repairs

Type: Residential Rental Work Order
Value Cap: $400

Work Order:
Hi Earth & Water,
The tenant has reported numerous leaks and water pooling coming from broken pipes and joints, including a larger white pipe.

Please contact the tenant and organise a time to carry out repairs.

Invoice & Report

Lab 3 Technician: Daniel

– Ran all stations to see what issues I would face as I could already see the exposed areas that the client had dug up.
– Found multiple breaks in not only the sub main but also the poly pipe which ran along the pvc also.
– Broken tee
– Crack in both sub main pipes in 2 separate areas.
– Clogged nozzles in 2 separate areas

The area is now running fine and I replaced the sprinkler in the middle of the lawn with a pop up with a 360 degree nozzle to feed the lawn and garden bed.

$99 Call out fee
$148.50 Lvl 3 Skilled technician (1.5 x $99)
$65.15 Replacement parts
Total  $312.65


Strata and Rental Management Irrigation repairs

Mosman Park - High Priority LVM

Type: Residential Rental Work Order
Value Cap: $400 

Work Order:

Hi Earth & Water,
Builders have cut through some irrigation while putting up a new wall. Can you please turn off the zone and repair the irrigation when they are done.

Invoice & Report

Lab 3 Technician: Kody

Upon arrival it was evident that the subsurface irrigation had been cut during the construction of the shared boundary wall footing.

– Isolated the leak to prevent damages.
– Move two sprinklers away from new wall.
– Clean and test sprinklers
– Reset the Hydrawise Irrigation Schedule for early summer

Itemised Cost Break Down

1. First site visit: isolate leak and prevent further damages.

$99 Call out fee
$45.50 Lvl 3 Skilled technician (.5 x $99)
Total  $148.50

2. Second site visit: relocate two sprinklers and subsurface drip

$99 Lvl 3 Skilled technician (1 x $99)
$34.97 Replacement parts
Total  $133.97


Wembley Irrigation planned servicing

Wembley - Planned Works

Type: Residential Rental Work Order 
Value Cap: $750

Work Order:
Once every two years we complete an acid rinse of the irrigation system at this rental in Wembley. It irrigates using untreated bore water that has a very high iron content.

Iron clogs sprinkler heads, drippers and filters. This was a two day service as the acid solution is injected into the borehead and left overnight. The next day our technician returned to flush out the acid solution and all the dissolved iron.

Invoice & Report

Lab 3 Technician: Marc

Day 1
-Flush the lines with the air compressor.
-Fix leak in front lawn area
-Inject acid through the system.
-Rinse 40 mesh filter in acid

Day 2
– Rinse out acid using bore (1st stage)
– Flush drip lines using scheme water (2nd stage)
– Replace old tech filter element with new one
– Clean up

Itemised Cost Break Down

1. Spring Service of irrigation and acid rinsed system including replacement of parts too clogged to be rinsed.

$99 Call out fee (1 x $99)
$396 Lvl 3 Skilled technician (4 x $99)
$167.90 Consumables
Total  $662


Earth & Water has been a fully insured going concern that has operated since 2002 with home owners, companies, organisations and government bodies.

Upon request we can provide insurances including:

  • Certificate of Currency
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Commercial Motor Insurance

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