Perth’s Bore Water Problem

Homes and businesses across Perth all face the same water quality issues when it comes to untreated bore water. These are the common culprits:

  1. Salt
  2. Iron
  3. Calcium

Our goal is to optimise your bore water mineral composition so it is healthy for you plants and lawns and does not visibly damage property. Whilst you never really want to remove all your minerals, (that would be unhealthy) we can remove up to 99% of the ones we don’t want.

Mt Pleasant Iron Treatment System Result

Iron Treatment

The most common bore water quality in Perth is iron (Fe) in both soluable and insoluable forms. It gives water a murky discolouring and stains property orange to dark brown over time. 

Th desired outcomes is reducing Iron Totals to 0.05 milligrams per litre (mg/l) which becomes negliable. 

Mt Pleasant has high concentrations of iron and salt in its bore wate because its proximity to the Swan River and there is an iron deposit in the aquifier. 

These test results from a home in Mt Pleasant are typical of most bores across Perth. 
Most notably;

  • 99% reduction of Iron
  • 27% reduction of Sodium (salt)
  • 14% reduction of calcium (what iron binds to when it stains)
Joondalup Iron bore water

Testing Process

We take bore water samples before and after every installation to tailor each system for the precise bore water mineral composition of each bore.

These water samples are sent to external labatories that test for 27 different variables which all directly impact staining, soil nutrient and plant health. 

In the image above, the inlet bottle contains untreated bore wate before it enters the iron treatment system. The outlet bottle contains water taken from a tap after the water has been treated.

Mt Pleasant bore water treatment


Even the worse suburbs such as Mt Claremont and Joondalup can reduce the iron in their bore water to tiny volumes such as 0.05 mg/l. 

There are four operational components that are flexibly arranged to fit the property and acheive the desired low mineral levels. 

These four components are:

  1. Sand filters containing porous catalytic media
  2. Water conditioners to change the ionic structure of the water
  3. Chlorine dosing units to target the various forms of iron
  4. Aeration chambers that increase efficiencies of the oxidisation process

Across Perth we install bore water treatment systems that specifically target localised bore water problems.

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