Water Controllers

Automation, Control & Efficiency

Water management is about being in control of how your water is being used at all times. 

Modern controllers are designed and installed to reduce the amount of time owners must spend irrigating. 

  • Real time view of water consumption
  • Predictive watering adjustments
  • Localised weather monitoring 
  • Multiple watering zones
  • Wifi and remote app based access
Adjusting for seasonal weather conditions

Our Services

All our irrigation systems aim to maximise water efficiency, reliability and automation. Water controllers are central to these goals and we are specialists when it comes to setting them up.


  • Consultancy
  • Design & Installation
  • Water Controller Management
Water Controllers automate irrgition of garden beds and lawns on this Booragoon Property

Watering Zones

Plants and lawns have varying watering requirements. It is therefore a central concept that plants with similar watering needs are identified and put in the same watering zone within the controller. 

A zone can be personalised to run at specific times and for predetermined lengths of time. 

In areas were water pressure is low, the zones will be set to run one at a time as to not compromise water pressure inside homes.

A Hunter Industries Water Controller installed in Como

Set & Forget Run Times

Upon installing an irrigation system we preset all the zones to run at optimised times. These times are based on the individual requirements of the project.

The best run times are generally between 2am-6am and midday 12pm-2pm.

The amjoirty of the water controllers we use and install are WIFI-enabled and can be easily monitored via an app.


Hydrawise app


The app is immensely powerful and very intuitive to use. It connects to your home wifi or will have its own dongle on larger sites.

Home owners, strata and site managers can easiyl view all the water statistics from their app. They are also able to make changes in case of leaks, blockages and power cuts.

 Read more about Hydrawise Cloud Software here. 

Adjusting for seasonal weather conditions

Seasonality & Weather

Perth’s mediterraenan climate is mainly warm and dry throughout the year. However we do have periods of intense rain and cooler months. 

Irrigation systems that run using the technology of water controllers account for seasonal change as well as localised weather events. 

With the correct set up, your controller will make automatic adjustments in response to these seasonal and weather changes. 


Earth & Water consults, designs and installs water controllers from Hunter Industries and HR Products. We have found these two suppliers to create the most reliable and practical water controllers. Their technical innovation means we are able to optimise our irrigation installations for easier use, more efficient water delivery and prompt system diagnosis.

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