Water Treatment

Treating Perth’s Water

This page is your directory to dealing with different but common water treatment systems that we consult, design, install and maintain.

You willl find information on:

  • Bore Water
  • Grey Water
  • Waste Water
  • Rain Water

We have expert knowledge and are familiar with all of Perth’s water problems. These include residential water treatment systems, commercial and public space such sports ovals, schools, hospitals and museums.

If you do not know what area your water based problem is, skip to the bottom and send us a message. We will be able to diagnose your problem via email or over the phone. 

The Four Water Treatment Systems

1. Bore Water

Bore water is water that you bring up from underground unconfined aquifiers and use on your property. It is often used as an alternative to Water Corporation’s Scheme Water.

People use it to save money, be self-reliant and to have more control over their water quality.

It can be used indoors as potable (drinking) water, on gardens and plants, in agriculture and rural locations where Scheme Water is not an option.


2. Grey Water

Any water that comes from your shower, wash basins, laundry and sinks can be treated and used again in your garden and in your toilets.

This proves to be hugely popular as method for reducing water bills when using household water to irrigate gardens. It means you aren’t held back by water restrictions and your plants will be healthier from additional nutrient content.

Household water from your kitchen and toilets cannot be recycled as it has too much hazardous organic matter in it.

3. Waste Water

Black water is the water too hazardous to reuse as grey water and has to be treated differently. Usually in more rural locations it is necessary to have an onsite waste water treatment system that processes waste water until it is safe to use on gardens and lawns.

Earth & Water is certified to install two types of waste water treatment units. Due to the hazardous nature of waste water, there is more regulation and compliance that is needed to install these systems. We work with clients and council to ensure systems are designed correctly and legally. 

4. Rain Water

Perth is thought to have the most hours of sunlight in a year of any city in the world. It is a remarkably dry and our soil is mostly sand.

Rain water systems are a water-wise way for Perth resident’s to have more control over their water year round. With efficient design, water bills can be decreased and plants will have access to water in periods of drought or low rain. We work with builders and architectures to put rain water tanks in locations where they aren’t visible or in the way.


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