Iron Stain Removal and Bore Water Filtration

About this Project

Coolbinia is a hot spot suburb for iron staining because it has higher concentrations of iron and calcium in its groundwater.

This home was using untreated, iron rich bore water to irrigate their gardens. Sprinklers were spraying minerals onto paving, walls and windows were it began to accumulate and stain over several years.

 Iron staining happens when it iron comes up through our bores and mixes with air – oxidises and changes colour to the dark orange tinge seen on walls and paving. 

Coolbinia is a very orange stain whereas some other suburbs are darker with a brown stain. This occurs when manganese is in higher concentrations. We have learnt that bore water mineral content changes across the Swan Coastal Plain and always require laboratory testing for mineral content.

This project demonstrates a standard iron stain removal and bore water filtration system for a typical family sized home in Perth.

While you can’t change your location, you can filter your bore water and you can improve your irrigation.

Coolbinia Iron Stain Removal and Iron treatment bore water system 2

1. Mineral Analysis

We sent off bore water for external laboratory analysis and received their bore water mineral profile back after 10 business days.

There are some specific minerals that we require and aren’t always included in the standard lab analysis so if you are thinking of having your bore water tested, contact us before to get the right tests done.

This Coolbinia home’s raw bore water iron content was 7.8 milligrams per litre (mg/L). 

In the context of Perth this is quite low. We have seen iron as high as 32mg/L in Oakford and areas of Joondalup. Iron staining begins at about 2 mg/L.

Iron comes in various forms and is generally visible. It can be suspended in water turning it orange and brown or it settles and gathers at the bottom over night.

Calcium is another mineral that impacts iron staining becuase it is the binding agent that correlates to the speed of the accumulation.

High calcium results in faster staining.

Once we had the raw bore water mineral profile we designed a system that mitigates further iron staining.

2. Bore water Filtration Installaton

The final installation was a 400 series Iron bore water filtration system. 

It is designed to separate and capture iron before it used around the house and gardens. We installed it down the side of the home where it was not visible but easily accessibly for the owners to service and walk past. 

This is standard iron bore water filtration system for a Perth residential home.


  • The system is composed of a standing sand filter that has highly porous sand media that captures the iron.
  • The chlorine dosing unit microdoses chlorine which catalyses the oxidisation process.
  • A water conditioner that improves the molecular structure of the water to improve nutrient uptake in plants reduce mineral scaling on pipework, basins and glass.
  • A submerged aeration chamber that facilitates the oxidisation process


Most residential owners do the maintanence themselves but we do offer routine servicing too.


  • The 20 litre chlorine drum needs replenishing every 4-6 weeks depending on seasonal use 
  • The sandfilter must be cycled through its backflush and rinse stages which takes about 5 minutes
  • Once a year we carry out a service to test it and makes sure it is working and being serviced correctly
Coolbinia Iron Stain Removal and Iron treatment bore water system 16

3. Stain Removal

Always remove existing stain after fixing the root cause, whether it be replacing sprinklers with drip, installing a bore water treatment system or switching to mains.

Iron stain is characterised by the orange to brown stain on paving, walls, glass and garden decor. It accumulates quickly and becomes ingrained over time.

We remove it by spraying an iron stain removal solution, letting it bubble and rinsing it off after several minutes.

The longer the stain is there and the more porous the surface, the harder it is to get off.

We have completed iron stain removal at schools adn commercial sites where it is extensive. Home owners often do it themselves and purchase the solution from Earth & Water.

 The most important part is rinsing off after with fresh water. This neutralises the acid to a non-harmful pH where it cannot hurt humans, animals or plants.

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Coolbinia Iron Stain Removal and bore water treatment d
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Coolbinia Iron Stain Removal and Iron treatment bore water system 2
Joondalup Iron Stained paved driveway

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