Spring Service

Our gardens go to sleep over winter

From June to September Perth’s climate is very different. It is colder, wetter and our days are much shorter. For plants this becomes a period of hibernation where they receive less solar energy to grow with.

As we enter Spring their hibernation ends and they start growing again. That is why it is essential to ensure your irrigation system is operating at peak performance and you give your plants the best opportunity to thrive.

Price: There is a call out fee of $99 and the hourly rate is $99 billed in 15 minute periods.

Aspects of a Spring Service

  1. Irrigation & Sprinkler Health Check
  2. Water Treatment System Service

See how we complete a  Spring Service below. 

Springe Service Sprinkler distribution
Spring is the perfect time to ensure that your irrigation system is operating at peak performance in readiness for the beginning of the irrigation season.

Irrigation & Sprinklers

  • Adjusting watering frequency and duration for summer
  • Checking flow rates and water pressure
  • Flushing out reticulation lines
  • Inspecting leaks, breaks and system components
  • Checking drippers and sprinkler heads for blockage
Cottesloe water treatment system 3

Water Treatment Systems Service

Inspection of all residential water treatment  systems, bore, grey, waste and rain water. Checks include:

  • Cleaning filters, pumps and valves for efficient treatment
  • Aeration and vacuum pumps checks
  • Inspection of sludge tanks and ATU systems (certified with FujiClean and Biolytix)
Residential bore water treatmentResidential bore water treatment

Iron stain

Our services also include iron stain removal and prevention through a suitable bore water treatment system. From small residential homes to commercial and industrial sites, the method of bore water treatment is the same and we are exceptionally successful at improving bore water quality.

Please contact us below to for information on bore water treatment.


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Spring Service

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