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Iron Stain Removal  & Bore Water Treatment

About this project

Scope of Project

This home on Mt Pleasant’s Eplanade has been using untreated bore water for over 15 years on their gardens and lawns. Unfortunately Mt Pleasant has an iron and calcium problem, which you can see today throughout the area as the orange and brown staining on pavements, walls and garden decor.

Our task for this home was to get rid of the stain and stop it coming back.

Stain removal

Water drawn up from bores in Mt Pleasant has high concentrations of iron and calcium. As these two minerals are distributed by sprinklers through gardens they calcify and go hard on porous surfaces. The iron then mixes with air and changes colour as it oxidises.

This is the same simple process that occurs in all suburbs across Perth with an iron problem.

By using an acid based wash the stains were quickly removed and paving, fences and decor returned to their original colours.

Prevention: stop it coming back

If you remove an iron stain but do not treat the water it comes from, you will get iron staining again. 

Here’s where the magic happens…

This home has an amazingly green garden and a variety of plants which we want to preserve and help at the same time as removing the iron and calcium. The underlying water treatment system oxides the bore water and captures the unwanted minerals in a sand trap. 

To ensure accuracy we take water samples and create a property water profile. This shows us exactly what minerals are in the bore water and determines how we treat it. 

Mt Pleasant

This home only had to treat for iron and calcium in its bore water. After treatment the wate can be used not only on gardens  but we have raised its quality so it drinkable.

River suburbs tend to have salt problems too but fortunately this job didn’t require any salinity treatment.

 Looks do count and we worked with the owner to put the bore water treatment system in a discrete spot. 

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Mt Pleasant Iron Staining verge Before
Mt Pleasant iron staining comparison image
Mt Pleasant Comparison bore water treatment results
iron Staining Mt Pleasant
Mt Pleasant bore water treatment

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