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This home in Dalkeith uses bore water to irrigate its gardens and lawns. Unfortunately there is high concentrations of calcium and salt in the ground water. This became an issue when sprinklers were overspraying onto their black perimeter fence.

When salt and calcium accumulate on dark surfaces it turns white and stains the surface. This was the risk of allowing the mineral accumulation to continue.


By installing subsurface drip in specific ares we reduced the impact of sprinkler overspray. A water conditioning unit was also installed to change the ionic structure of the water to reduce accumulation of minerals and increase nutrient absorption rates of lawns and plants. 

Dalkeith Irrigation and water treatment installation

Subsurface Drip line

We have developed a method of installing subsurface drip lines without having to dig trenches. This saves time and is non-invasive to the lawn.

Three lines of dripline spaced 300mm apart were inserted into the verge lawn and ten sprinklers were relocated to 1200mm away from the black fence. All the internal lawn sprinklers were removed and replaced with Netafim’s ASXR 3 litre per hour drip lines.

Sprinkler Correction

Stain on the paving and kerbs is prevented by bringing in each sprinkler by 300mm away from the perimeter of the second verge lawn.

Each sprinkler was replaced with flexible riser to reduce the likelihood of breakage by cars parking on the lawn.

Dalkeith irrigation installation and water treatment lawns

Changing Ionic Structures

A water conditioning unit and tech filter were also installed to improve bore wate quality and stop invasive roots from entering drip lines.

Bore water is pushed through a series of chambers and exposed to small magnetic fields within the water conditioning unit. 

Clumps of minerals separate at a microscopic level. Whilst no minerals are removed in this process, they aren’t able to accumulate and stain surfaces.

The water conditioner also increases nutrient uptake by lawns and plants making them healthier and greener throughout the year.

The tech filter stops roots from entering drip lines by giving off a slow release of Trifluralin which is root deterrent herbicide. Every two years the cartridge is replaced. 

Dalkeith irrigation installation and water treatment precision

Top Dressing & Maintenance

Our method of inserting the drip line does minimal damage to lawns and is far faster to complete. 

However we came back and top dressed the lawns with washed white sand to give it the best opportunity to spring back. 

September and October are the two best months to do work on lawns as it thrives in the warmer weather before the blazing heat of summer. 

In this case, we were able to install the drip lines in August and returned four weeks later to check up and complete a final top dressing. 

Dalkeith irrigation installation and water treatment lawn

Sprinkler Improvement

The sprinklers on the verge were fitted with flexible risers to mitigate damage from parking and vandalism. 

Lawn was meticulously removed to keep the root systems intact so it would remain healthy when it was relaid.

Dalkeith irrigation installation

Lawn & Garden Revitalisation

Whilst we didn’t do it at this property, we often send soil to external labs for analysis. 

Based on the mineral and nutrient profile of the soil results, we create fertiliser schedules that get soils back to nutrious levels. 

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